Say Goodbye To Weather Talk — Here Are Some Discussion Topics For Your Next Hair Salon Visit


When many people visit the hair salon, they make small talk from the time they sit down in the chair to the time that the hairstylist finishes the haircut. If you're the type of person who constantly brings up the weather, it's important to realize that you're probably not the only one — and this means that your stylist might be entertaining dozens of weather-related conversations over the course of a single day. You can be a bright point in this professional's day by having some different discussion topics planned for each visit. Here are some things to think about bringing up.

Hairstyle Trends

There are few people better than a hairstylist to talk about hairstyle trends over the years, and bringing up this topic can certainly be entertaining. Ask the stylist about some of the noteworthy hairstyle trends that he or she has cut since starting to work in this profession. You can follow up by asking about some of the hairstyle trends that were the most fun to cut, and others that weren't as fun. You can then discuss some of the worst or most interesting haircuts you've sported over the years. Your hairstylist is likely to appreciate this trip down memory lane with you.

Notable Customers

There's no hairstylist/customer confidentiality agreement, so consider passing the time by asking the stylist about some of the notable customers that he or she may have had over the years. Some stylists will tell you about cutting the hair of a politician or professional athlete, while others might have stories about being hired to work on the set of a movie or TV production that was shooting in the town. You never know what entertaining stories you'll hear by bringing up this topic, and it's likely that your hairstylist will appreciate the opportunity to share some of these anecdotes.

Local Attractions

Many hairstylists are highly tuned into the local scene because they have so many conversations with customers throughout the day. This can mean that your hairstylist can provide valuable advice about local attractions. Ask for his or her recommendation for an affordable family restaurant or a high-end restaurant for a date night. Or, talk about the various tourist attractions in the city and see if the stylist has heard about which might provide the best value. Keeping your conversations varied can make the appointment more enjoyable for the stylist, which is considerate and a nice way to show your appreciation.

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4 October 2017

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